Abstract state of mind. Turn painting with kids into art.

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I am in an abstract state of mind recently (have a look HERE). Explorations of colour and shape, either minimal or full on expressive are timeless and give spaces a modern touch and sets the tone in the right atmosphere. 

Apart from that I find it just a fun, meditative thing to do. That is if you let go of all the expectations of the final product and just enjoy the process. We do sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves as adults, so what a better thing to do than to create alongside our little ones. I set a table full of paint tubes, brushes and paper and let me and my wee boy enjoy an hour of painting and exploring with colour.

The little guy's paint station
Soon enough we covered a few pages with abstract art, and the plates also looked gorgeous.
What colours!

In the end we spent a lovely craft hour AND we got to select some faves to hang on the wall.

And final result... into a frame, voila!
So get painting / exploring with colour. Try to have fun while you're at it :-) 

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