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Q: Hey who are you, Lady?

A: I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator. You can see my design portfolio here. I also create graphic art and prints under the pseudonym Sara Blue for my shop Sara Blue Creative on Etsy. I was born in Tel Aviv and lived there till the old age of thirty (so please forgive my English if it sings out of key). I then moved to Melbourne with my DH - Big Bear where I graduated with a Masters (oooh how smart am I?). Finally and most importantly I am the mum of Tiny Bear.  

Q: Can you tell me a bit more about Sara Blue Creative?

A: Oh.. only if you insist. Sara Blue Creative is all about creating graphic art that both big and small can enjoy. I find my inspiration everywhere and so can never stop on just one style. You will find my work varies in inspiration from Scandinavian design, Modern Typography, Abstract, Collage work, Mid Century Modern and Pop culture. All in all I just love bursts of colour and positive works of art. On offer are fab prints, posters & art for your home decor, nursery and everyday design cravings.

All designs are created out of love for what I do, with attention to detail and thirst for inspiration. I create items that I would be happy to have around. (and a lot of them DO hang out in our living space and Tiny Bear's room :-)

Q: Why Sara Blue?
A: If you want an answer to this question then you'd better ask Big Bear. After all he gave me this nickname a while back when we just started holding hands.. I like it though so I'm gonna keep it.

Q: What are you doing here?
A: I'm hoping to achieve world peace. I wish. I have more modest aspirations - I'm hoping to share my creative creations, get inspired and hopefully inspire other people. Though don't get me wrong - world peace would be great!

Q: Any favourite things?
A: Pizza and cold cuts and crackers with cheese. Doggies in parks and a walk on the beech. Colours and patterns, friends coming for drinks. These are a few of my favourite things! (..and  you can even sing it - I checked!)

Q: Is that all?
A: Yep, pretty much. But I promise to add more to this list down the road..

Q: What if I wake up at night with more questions?
A: Grab yourself a glass of water, drink it, then go back to bed. Sleep is important (a mum should know!). If you wake up in the morning and still have questions for me, want to say hi, want to pitch some ideas then write me at : hi.sarablue at gmail dot com.

Q: What now then?
A: You can browse this blog, share stuff you like, have a sneak peek at my shop, contact me, throw some ideas at me and see how it rolls - I'm open. Or you can have a glass of beetroot and apple juice...That's what I'm having :-) Cheers!

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